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Looking For An App Developer? Choose The Right One With This Method

If you ever had to hire an external team to design or develop something for you, it is very likely you asked yourself one of these question. Your project is VERY important for you and you DON’T want some rookies to screw it up. You probably already have posted job ads over every popular freelancing site, sent emails to multiple …

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How to become a better entrepreneur

Even if you are still in college or working on your tenth startup there are a lot of things you can do to get better at being an entrepreneur. This post was inspired by a question I saw on Quora, which I think deserves to be answered in more detail. You can take a look at the question in here. …

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What to do when your designer doesn’t get it.

Sometimes, even you have the best designer backing you up, there will be times when he doesn’t fully understand the idea or when, as hard as he tries, you or the client won’t be satisfied by the results. Are you afraid of telling him for the 10th time you dislike his work and hurting his feelings in the process and …

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How to make a turn-based strategy game. Part 1

The tutorial I wrote for Ray Wenderlich’s site has been published today! Here is Part 1 and you can check the site tomorrow for part 2! In the first part of the two-part series, you’ll set everything up to enable you to create the board, load units for both teams and move them around. Hope you enjoy it! – Pablo …

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