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How to make a turn-based strategy game. Part 2

The second and last part of the tutorial “How to make a turn-based strategy game” I wrote for Ray Wenderlich’s site has just been published! You can see it here. In case you missed  Part 1, you can check it here. In this second and final part of the series, you’ll enable the units to fulfill their mission in life …

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How to make a turn-based strategy game. Part 1

The tutorial I wrote for Ray Wenderlich’s site has been published today! Here is Part 1 and you can check the site tomorrow for part 2! In the first part of the two-part series, you’ll set everything up to enable you to create the board, load units for both teams and move them around. Hope you enjoy it! – Pablo …

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How to work with programmers. – A guide for designers

Most technology projects involve the work of several people with different roles, most times working at the same time and collaboratively to ensure a high quality result. One of the most difficult relationships in this type of projects is the Designer – Programmer relationship. The first is responsible for creating a nice, polished, visually rich experience for the user and …

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Why isn’t your app selling? Because it sucks!

Recently, I posted an entry that explained some reasons for people not buying your app. A lot of people told me that I had forgotten to mention the #1 reason for people not buying someone’s app: “It just sucks!”. Even though that is a valid argument, as you already know, there are lots of bad apps that sell like bread …

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